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Race For Free

Athletes can elect to join The IRONMAN Foundation’s “Race For Free” program for any full distance IRONMAN event. By signing up through this program, you are guaranteed entry into your desired race, in exchange for committing yourself to fundraise $3,000 for The IRONMAN Foundation. The athlete can use their fundraising network to reach this minimum fundraising requirement, thereby “racing for free.” Athletes must raise the $3,000 by the date two weeks before race day, and they are responsible for the balance if their fundraising falls short. There are a limited number of Race For Free slots available per event. All donations the athlete receives are tax deductible to The IRONMAN Foundation.

All funds raised through this program will benefit The IRONMAN Foundation’s Community Fund Program. This will directly benefit those in the communities where IRONMAN events are held by providing charitable support to a variety of local nonprofit organizations that recognize citizens in need and provide support to the local community. Through this setup, athletes are fundraising directly for the community in which they will be racing. They are helping to leave a lasting impact in our IRONMAN event communities.

Please note that "Race For Free" is not a reimbursement program. Athletes already signed up for an event may not switch over to the Race For Free program. This is simply an additional option for athletes seeking entry into an event. To register, select the fundraising tab on the top of the screen and click on the name of the event you would like to compete in. After being redirected to the event fundraising website, select the blue "Register Now" button and choose "Race For Free" when you arrive at the Fees section.

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